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~ The Great Council of Grandmothers ~

"THE PERIOD YOU ARE ENTERING NOW WILL BE A STEADYING TIME FOR YOU “The period you are entering will be a steadying time for you,” the Grandmothers said, “a time to anchor yourself to Earth and feel Her securely holding you. You have ...

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As we approach the festive holidays, I would like to thank all of those of you have supported me during the last twelve months. To those times when you just didn't want to get on your mat but you did, for all those times when you surrendered and gave yourself some time to just be.

I want to ...

Dreaming of India
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As we approach Samhain the time of the darker nights where the veil in thinner, protect your space, protect yourself and your family. Light candles and place them in your window, use a pumpkin to ward of those spirits you do not want to enter your space. Use incense, palo santo, sage and smudge ...

Jackie's classes are amazing you will leave feeling a different person and they are very relaxed and friendly - Becky Taylor

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