Autumnal Vibes

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It feels as though the weather has changed all of a sudden this morning, there is a cooler breeze that just brushes the skin reminding us that the warmer days of summer are coming to a close. It is now time to set your intention for the coming months, you may like to do an autumnal clean and cleanse, not just for yourself but for your home, clearing some space for what is to come. It is a time for slowing down as the second harvest is gathered, the one of fruit and berries, a time when the moon is bright in the sky allowing the remaining harvest to be gathered and stored. Time to sow your seeds plant your bulbs that will show their face in spring. Come into the rhythm of the earth with your yoga practice and meditation, be kind to yourself, honor your body, mind and breath.

I will be offering a workshop with Julie Bladon 23rd October 1.30 ~ 4.30 £20.00 investment details on my website.

Time to slow down, a time for nourishing, cleansing and clearing.

Love and light

Jackie x

Jackie's classes are amazing you will leave feeling a different person and they are very relaxed and friendly - Becky Taylor

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