Reiki is an effective, complete and holistic method for physical and spiritual healing and growth

Please note: following current Covid-19 guidelines, I will not be offering treatments at this time

Rei means "universal" and Ki means "life force energy", therefore meaning "universal life force energy." An ancient Tibetan healing technique re-developed in the 19th century in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui. By channeling universal energy to where the body requires it, this amazing healing technique will increase and maintain your physical, emotional and mental strength.

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The Treatment

Receiving treatment is a unique experience for everyone. It is usually done with the client relaxing fully clothed on a treatment couch while the Rieki practitioner applies their hands on specific points of the body, which are gateways to the Universal Energy.

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The Benefits

Increase and maintain your physical, emotional and mental strength, release blockages, improve circulation, encourage self-confidence, help boost the immune system, release past traumas, stimulates creative flow & promoters mental clarity and direction.

- Reiki Lineage -

The lineage of Reiki Masters from which Jackie Dorrian comes is as follows:
Dr Mikao Usui, Dr Chujiro Hayashi, Hawaya K. Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Ma Deva Subuddhi, Ma Deva Pyaso, Ma Rita, Shanti

To book a Reiki treatment please contact Jackie Dorrian:

My skin feels so soft, after the ayurvedic facial. Thank you Jackie. After the Facial and yoga, I have never felt so relaxed. - Emma

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